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Important conditions

The tenant agrees to respect the rules of the establishment at all times so that we are obliged to keep your security deposit.

This commitment also applies to persons accompanying the tenant and his guests.

The establishment can only be rented for vacation purposes.

The number of tenants must be agreed with the owner.

The tenant cannot assign his rights under the rental agreement or sublet the building.

If the day of departure, the tenant does not leave the premises at the time mentioned (indicated in the contract), additional fees of $200 may apply.

In case of breakage, the tenant will be informed within 2 days of his departure that the deposit will be kept.

The lessor reserves the right to keep it for a period of 14 days, the time to estimate the amount for the repair of the damage.

The estimates will be provided to the tenant as proof and the tenant will be obliged to reimburse the amount submitted.

If excessive cleaning is necessary following your departure, the additional cleaning costs that will be invoiced to us will be deducted from your deposit.

If odors persist in the chalet after the end of the stay, additional cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit.

The chalet works with a sealed septic tank (Zenitude 1), so it is important to limit excessive water consumption. An amount could be deducted from your deposit in the event of the need to empty the tank resulting from excessive consumption (Zenitude 1).

This Short Term Rental Agreement may only be amended in writing.

The landlord cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness resulting from the fault of the tenant and which may occur to the tenant or his guests during the stay.

By accepting this reservation, the tenant and his guests accept the risks associated with their stay at the establishment.

The landlord cannot be held responsible for the theft or loss of the property of the tenant or his guests during his stay.



Make sure to follow the spa guidelines that are available to you in the chalet.

You must rinse off any perfumed body products, sunscreen before using the spa.

A tub is at your disposal to rinse your feet.

Children 3 and under are prohibited at all times in the spa.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

No children's toys are allowed in the spa.

You need to put one little container numbered 1 and 2 after each use (at the end of the day).

If the water level in the spa becomes too low, please fill it up to avoid equipment breakage.

In the event of deterioration of the spa water during your stay, the security deposit could be retained in full.


It is forbidden to smoke in the chalet (cigarettes or cannabis, etc.).

Close the spa cover when not in use AND attached with the clips on the side.

Animals are not allowed, unless agreed with the landlord.

The tenant must notify the landlord of any breakage during the stay.

The tenant is responsible for material damage occurring during the stay except for a construction defect, lack of maintenance, natural and technological disasters, and any damage covered by the landlord's home insurance.

The tenant agrees to keep the landlord safe and free from any claim made by anyone resulting from the damage for which he is responsible.

The tenant is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rented premises.

The tenant agrees to respect the rented premises and to return it to the same condition as on arrival; Furniture and objects.

The tenant agrees to use only the rented premises and to respect the spaces of neighbors and residents of the area.

The tenant is responsible for any damaged furniture or object, for any damage caused to the rented premises, including the land and outdoor equipment.

The tenant agrees to respect reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbors and residents of the area.

The tenant will have to stick to a respectable noise level, both inside and outside.

Defects noted by the tenant during the rental must be reported immediately.

The landlord will not be held responsible for any breakage or malfunction related to the building or hot tub that occurs during the rental.

The number of people authorized per accommodation unit indicated in this contract may not be exceeded at NO TIME.


Checklist before leaving the premises

The dishes must be washed and placed in the places provided.

Waste must be deposited in the places provided outside.

Windows should be closed and locked.

Doors giving access to the outside must be closed and locked.

Used linens and towels should be placed at the bottom of the basement steps.

The SPA cover must be closed AND attached with the clips on the side.

Interior and exterior furniture must be returned to its original condition and location.


Services and equipment offered in the cottage

Bedding (pillows, blankets, towels (shower and spa), dish towels, table linens)

* do not include beach towels

1 fondue dish, 1 raclette dish (zenitude 1 and 2)

Tableware (utensils, glasses, wine glasses, pots)

Keurig coffee maker (You must bring your capsules)

Toaster, Microwave

Bottle opener, Salt and pepper shakers

Garbage bag, recycling bag

Internet - WIFI

Outdoor spa (Zenitude 1 = 6 seater , Zenitude 2 = 5 seater, Zenitude 3 = 8 seater)

TV with Netflix, DVD player, Board games

Wood for outdoor and indoor fireplaces (limited quantity)

BBQ with propane tank

Zenitude 1: Dock in season, 3 kayaks (2 children + 1 adult), 2 paddleboard, pedal boat

Zenitude 2: Dock in season, 2 paddleboard, 1 kayak, 1 canoe

Zenitude 3: pedal boat (5 seaters), 2 kayaks, 2 paddleboard